If you’re preparing to try for a baby, then we would recommend visiting the London IVF and Genetics Centre for a fertility MOT. This service is designed to help with conception by running fertility tests and picking up any problems that might interfere with conception. We can offer you this service at both our London and Milton Keynes clinics and they’re a great way for you to start trying to conceive with complete discretion and utmost confidence. 

What is a Fertility MOT Test?

We actually know very little about our own fertility before we start trying for children. It doesn’t cross any of our minds that there might be a problem until conception doesn’t seem to be working. Until then, it can feel like a whole lot of guesswork. But it doesn’t have to be. Our MOTs take a lot of the guesswork out of conception. A fertility MOT includes a series of fertility tests that offer an insight into your fertility. It is a great way for you to get some peace of mind about your ability to conceive and help you to plan your path to parenthood. 

Female Fertility MOT

Unlike men who make new sperm daily, women are born with an infinite number of eggs that gradually reduce over time. As the number of eggs reduce, so does the quality of the eggs with the quality reducing rapidly after the age of 40 but there are times when women enter menopause prematurely. A fertility MOT ensures that you know the risks of these sorts of issues, which can help you with your family planning, giving yourself the best chance of having a baby.

Our basic fertility MOT starts with a consultation, where you will discuss your medical history, sex life, menstrual history, and lifestyle with one of our fertility specialists. After this, we will run blood tests and ultrasound scans to assess the quantity and quality of your eggs and check that there are no blockages in the fallopian tubes to ensure that you know what to expect when trying to conceive. Additionally, your uterus will be checked to make sure that there isn’t anything that will impact your fertility. Once we’re done you’ll have a full understanding of your own fertility, allowing you to be fully in control of your family planning in the future.

Male Fertility MOT

We don’t just offer fertility MOT’s for women. It is just as likely that the fertility issue lies with the male partner as with the female. We can offer both a complete fertility assessment at our London clinic to determine if there are any issues there. The appointment starts much the same as the women’s; talking about medical history, sex life and lifestyle. Once this is complete you’ll undergo several different tests that will look at things like concentration and motility, morphology and anti-sperm antibodies. You will also be assessed for oxidative damage; which is damage to the genetic material, which could lead to prevalent genetic abnormalities and screening for silent infections.

Contact us Today with Total Discretion

If you and your partner are considering having a child together, then coming in for a fertility MOT might be the ideal solution for you. Our tests will ensure that you have more success with your conception. It can also help you to head off any issues before facing years of infertility, heartbreak and frustration. If you’d like to arrange for a fertility MOT for you and your partner, then feel free to get in touch with us today. We would be happy to arrange for these tests and consultations at a time convenient for you.