The Most Common Signs of Secondary Infertility

One big fertility issue that we feel isn’t talked about as much as it should be is secondary infertility. This is actually a surprisingly big issue that many couples face but no one seems to be talking about. This is something that our team at London IVF and Genetics Centre would like to change. Infertility comes in all sorts of ways and being prepared for every eventuality can help to battle the loneliness and the stress that often comes with infertility.

What is Secondary Infertility? 

Secondary infertility occurs after the conception and may or may not have resulted in the birth of your child. It is often assumed that because you have had one successful pregnancy the second one should be easy. This misconception is perpetuated by generally accepted ideas like second labour being faster and easier than first. 

The reality is that the human body is not that simple and a first successful pregnancy does not necessarily mean the second one will be as easy. Secondary infertility can still be just as painful, even though you already have been pregnant at least once. And, while the name secondary infertility suggests that you’re trying to conceive your second child, it can occur at any point during your family-building process. 

What Causes Secondary Infertility?

There are all sorts of causes of secondary infertility for both men and women, and any one of them can be the cause of the infertility you may be facing. Issues like advanced maternal age, damaged fallopian tubes, endometriosis and other similar conditions, impaired sperm production or issues with your lifestyle, can all be responsible for causing secondary infertility. 

The best way for you to get to the bottom of the problems that you’re facing is to have a full fertility test and a consultation with a fertility specialist. This will ensure that you have a good picture of what’s going on below the surface, offering you the opportunity to take the right next steps for you. 

No matter what infertility issues you might be facing, our team is here to help and support you on your journey, whether you’re trying for your second child or your fifth. 

What are the Signs that you Have Secondary Infertility?

It can take a while to realise that you’re struggling with secondary infertility, particularly if you don’t know that exists. Having one or more children can be a challenge for some, and it can be difficult to do the same sort of effort each time, like tracking your ovulation and menstrual cycle, as you did before you were pregnant. For some couples, it can be months before they notice something is wrong. 

But if you’re starting to wonder if something isn’t quite right and you’re looking for some common signs to look out for, then there are a few. The biggest sign that you’re struggling with secondary infertility is simply that you have not fallen pregnant or been able to carry a baby to term, despite previous success. This is pretty clear and if you’ve been trying for some time with no success, then you want to get in touch with our team about secondary infertility testing.

Other signs can be things like missed periods or other similar issues that are reflective of a hormonal imbalance or something else being not quite right in the body. Sometimes secondary infertility can be a sign of a far bigger and more serious concern, and it should be taken seriously. Chronic pain in the uterine area or particularly heavy periods can also be a sign that something isn’t quite right and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with checking things out. 

Book an Appointment at a Fertility Clinic

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