As a leading fertility clinic in London, our clients often turn to us after a long struggle to conceive. Our team can help to provide the answers that clients are searching for, helping them to identify issues and create a plan to overcome them. But we would recommend contacting us early on in your fertility journey. Booking fertility testing before you even start attempting to conceive can save you a lot of stress and frustration, making the entire process as straightforward as possible.

Why Should you Consider Fertility Testing?

Without fertility testing, there is no way to know exactly how prepared you are to conceive. You and your partner could suffer from a number of issues. Many issues with fertility are invisible until you start your journey to parenthood, as they don’t impact your standard of daily living. Issues like blocked fallopian tubes, an inhospitable womb environment, poor egg quality, poor sperm quality, low sperm count, and so on. Knowing about these issues demystifies the entire conception process and can provide some much needed peace of mind.

What Exactly is Tested?

We offer specific fertility tests at our London and Milton Keynes clinics for both men and women, as both are just as likely to be responsible for infertility. Ultrasound scans and blood tests will help to reveal any problems you might be facing. Issues like polyps, fibroids, cysts and other problems can be found during ultrasound scans, while blood tests reveal hormone imbalances and issues with the ovarian reserves. Our fertility tests for men will also involve testing the health and quantity of sperm, to ensure that the egg will actually be fertilised. 

When Should you Book a Fertility Test?

  • When you’re Planning on Trying

As we said, starting your journey to parenthood with a fertility test in our London clinic will help you to understand the best course of action for you and your partner. We’d recommend that both heterosexual and same-sex couples undergo fertility testing to make sure that, no matter what the plan might be to go forward, you have the best chance of conception. We cannot emphasise enough just how much peace of mind and confidence we can offer you through our fertility tests. 

  • If you’re Considering Delaying Conception

While we often welcome couples to our London or Milton Keynes clinic, we are increasingly working with women who are looking into delaying having a baby for a few years. The improvement of medical care and fertility treatments allow for safe successful pregnancies to happen later in life, which is an option for both single women and couples looking to delay conception without risking infertility.

Once we’ve run the tests, we can also arrange for you to collect and freeze your eggs for future fertilisation. This helps you to avoid egg deterioration and offer you more years for potential fertility in the future.

  • When you Want to Check on a Known Problem

While most fertility issues are invisible until you try conceiving, there are a few things that many of our clients are aware of. For example, both PCOS and Endometriosis are known to have an impact on fertility and they can be checked on during fertility testing. Keeping an eye on known problems can help you make future plans and adjustments to your current lifestyle to keep you comfortable and healthy. 

Booking your Fertility Test

No matter where you are in your journey to parenthood, now is always a good time to invest in fertility testing. You can undergo fertility testing at our London IVF and Genetics Centre in London or in Milton Keynes at a time that suits you. Feel free to get in touch with our team by calling us at 0207 580 0207 from London or 01908 915151 if you are based in Milton Keynes.