Fertility Treatment London & Milton Keynes

As a leading fertility clinic based in London we pride ourselves on offering fertility services that bring science and support in delivering not only best treatment success, but also a better patient experience. We provide private fertility treatment in London and Milton Keynes to first time and failed IVF clients.

London IVF and Genetics Centre undertake a thorough clinical and diagnostic assessment at the initial consultation. This helps us choose the right treatment and scientific interventions to give you the best chance of a successful outcome. We simplify complex scientific information and empower our patients and work in a spirit of collaboration. We want to help you make the best-informed decisions at every step of your fertility treatment

We provide continuous care to enhance the likelihood of treatment success. In our private fertility clinic in London, we offer a personal service which ensures you deal with the same consultant as your point of contact throughout your journey.  Our basic fertility treatments include artificial insemination (also known as intrauterine insemination), ovulation induction and Natural cycle monitoring otherwise known as follicular tracking.

Artificial insemination

This is a relatively simple fertility treatment which involve placement of washed sperm from the partner or donor into the womb. Since the artificial insemination procedure deposits higher concentrations of good quality sperm close to the egg where it is waiting, we can increase the chances that the egg and sperm will find each other. Our London based fertility specialists will examine the process before you take a pregnancy test.

Ovulation induction

This process uses medication to stimulate the development of one or more mature follicles in your ovaries. This is suitable for those that have an ovulatory disorder, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endocrine dysfunction or experience irregular menstrual cycle and other medical conditions.

Our fertility specialist will monitor you regularly by ultrasound scans and provide you with medication and advice where required.

Follicular tracking

This is a natural cycle monitoring process that tracks your follicular activity to give you a better understand of your ovulatory pattern. Follicular tracking involves serial ultrasound scans at regular intervals until we consider ovulation imminent.

This approach helps us develop an in-depth understanding of the physiological menstrual cycle, ovulation, luteal phase and hormonal change during your natural cycle. We’ll base any further treatment advice on our findings of the natural cycle monitoring or follicular tracking.

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