In our opinion, the best way for you to ease the stress and frustration of conception is to complete a number of fertility tests. Fertility tests allow you to get a full picture of what’s going on below the surface, something that most people aren’t aware of until they start trying to conceive. This knowledge can take a lot of the pressure off conceiving, allowing you to actually enjoy this potentially amazing time in your life. 

One of the most important tests that we offer here at London IVF and Genetics Centre is the ovarian reserve test. We offer this to every couple we work with, no matter what issues you might be facing. Ovarian reserve testing offers us a clear indication of the number of eggs that you have in your ovaries. 

Every woman is born with a finite number of eggs, though they usually only reach maturity one at a time during adolescence and adulthood. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these eggs are healthy enough to be fertilised but it allows us to make a plan with you to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

How Do We Do this?

We complete our ovarian reserve testing by measuring the amount of Anti-Mullerian Hormone in your blood. This is a particular hormone that is produced by the follicles that contain all your immature eggs. As a result, the levels of the Anti-Mullerian Hormone will depend on the number of eggs you have in your ovaries, with a lower level meaning that there are fewer eggs available. We will also measure follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and antral follicle count (AFC).

We can perform this test at any time and it will be a routine part of your fertility MOT at our centre. It will only take a few moments and once we get the results back, you can sit down with our doctors to discuss your next steps. We’ll talk to you about the options that you have available to you and make recommendations depending on what your results say. 

What Does this Test Actually Tell us?

It is so important to remember that this test won’t actually predict your chances of pregnancy. The number of eggs that you have left doesn’t answer any of the other questions revolving around egg health and quality. It will only measure the number of eggs that you have and often the number of eggs is not the big issue that couples face when it comes to healthy conception. 

For example, after the age of 35, the quality of your eggs will start to decrease, making it increasingly more difficult to conceive naturally. Even if you still have a lot of eggs, it is not the number that impacts your chances of being pregnant, it’s the egg health.

Our team of doctors would be happy to talk you through other issues as well, working with your age, lifestyle and health to ensure that you have the best chance to properly conceive. After all, your ovarian reserve testing is only a singular part of a wider testing service that we offer. This full MOT will give you the best indication of egg quality, womb health, and sperm quality, as well as other issues that might impact your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Would you Like to Book an Ovarian Reserve Test?

You’re more than welcome to take your ovarian reserve test in isolation, but you will find that our full fertility MOT is more beneficial for you. The more information that you have, the easier it will be for you to make the right decision for your needs and lifestyle. If you’d like to find out more, you’re more than welcome to contact our team at London IVF today. We can set you on the path to conception success and we are looking forward to helping you every step of the way.