How Affordable Is IUI Treatment

Infertility is a frustrating and upsetting issue to tackle, particularly as it can be incredibly expensive to combat. Treatments like IVF can set you back tens of thousands of pounds, adding an additional stress on your conception journey – and stress is known to make conception even harder. But, contrary to popular belief, there are some simpler, safer and more affordable treatment options than IVF for some couples. 

What is IUI?

IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination and is also known as Artificial Insemination. It is a fairly simple fertility treatment that simply involves placing washed sperm (from either the partner or the donor) directly into the womb. This allows for a higher concentration of good quality sperm to find its way to the recently released egg. By replacing sperms higher in the womb, it overcomes any cervical issues that may be preventing you from getting pregnant. This is only a minor operation, and you’ll be out of the hospital fairly quickly on most occasions. IUI is not as invasive as IVF, particularly if you choose to work with your natural hormone pattern.

Who Can Benefit from IUI?

IUI is a commonly used treatment that helps to solve the fertility issues faced by many issues. For example, it’s a popular treatment amongst the LGBT community as it offers an opportunity for a donor’s sperm to be injected into the womb, offering an opportunity for them to start family with more simple and safer option. 

It’s also a popular choice for heterosexual couples who struggle with vaginal intercourse for one reason or another or those who struggle to produce high quality sperm. There are a number of issues that can cause issues with vaginal intercourse, including sexual dysfunction and physical disabilities, which can be avoided with the help of IUI treatment. It’s simple and convenient, generally more affordable than other forms of IUI treatment. 

Is it a Successful Treatment?

IUI is a gentler treatment than IVF, allowing the body to work as naturally as possible. However, this means that IUI is less effective than IVF because it doesn’t overcome a number of fertility issues, like blocked fallopian tubes. This means that IVF, which involves removing the egg from the body and fertilising it in a lab before returning it into the womb, is likely to be far more likely to result in a successful pregnancy. That’s not to say the IUI isn’t the right choice for you, and it’s important to speak to a fertility specialist before you make any decisions.

Is it Affordable?

This is an important question to take into account when considering the place of IUI in your fertility journey. One of the reasons that some families hesitate to choose IVF is the sheer cost of this invasive procedure. But IUI involves fewer drugs and is far less invasive, meaning that it’s considerably less expensive, costing a quarter of the price of IVF. 

Usually, IUI will include the monitoring scans, the clinical advice, the sperm preparation, the insemination procedures, a pregnancy test, and an early pregnancy scan. This will take you through the entire process, giving you the best opportunity to fall pregnant from this treatment. While this might not be affordable to everyone, it is certainly more affordable than other treatments. 

Want to Start your Fertility Journey?

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