Fertility Tests London – Fertility Tests in London

Have you been struggling to get pregnant and would like you and your partner to undertake fertility tests in London? Welcome to London IVF and Genetics Centre, we specialise in bespoke fertility services that are driven by the latest scientific evidence. By using all of the latest equipment and scientific interventions available to us we can specifically address your circumstances and work towards achieving the best chance of you getting pregnant.

Fertility tests in London are often the first step in a pregnancy journey for couples who are struggling to get pregnant. These scientific tests will be able to provide you with specific information regarding yours and your partner’s reproductive systems and can help you understand further why you may be having trouble reproducing. There are many reasons why couples can be struggling to get pregnant and these tests will rule out any ‘what ifs’ and ensure that you are fully informed regarding your own body. 

Here at London IVF and Genetics Centre, we provide various different fertility tests in London and if this is the first time you have needed assistance in this regard we would recommend that you come to us for a couples fertility MOT. We can provide you with two different assessments for this MOT, our basic couple fertility assessment includes the ovarian reserve and sperm health assessment and our complete couple fertility assessment additionally includes the assessment of the fallopian tube. After these initial fertility tests in London, we will be able to advise you how best to proceed with your pregnancy journey. They will provide us with all of the information we require to be able to provide accurate and successful treatments. 

Fertility Tests London & How Can We Help

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to all fertility tests and MOTs. When choosing to come to London IVF and Genetics Centre we can assure you that we will always take time to understand our patient’s needs, worries and reservations when it comes to fertility testing. You will also have the same consultant by your side from your very first appointment through early pregnancy and beyond. This is an unusual and welcome level of extra service for our patients and translates into much higher success rates for our patients.

To start your journey with London IVF and Genetics Centre and arrange your fertility tests in London today get in touch. Call our friendly experienced team on 0207 580 0207 and we can book you in a free consultation. During this consultation, any questions you may have will be answered and you will be provided with numerous options for the next steps of your pregnancy journey.