How accurate is an ovulation calculator?

An ovulation calculator is a very non-sensitive or non-specific measure of trying to reach a diagnosis or understand ovulation defects.

The ovulation calculator helps women understand their fertile window. And it helps them to understand when they’re likely to ovulate.

If they’re just starting on a journey of trying to conceive; then, in that case, using ovulation calculators may help them understand their ovulatory patterns and when they should have the time to intercourse.

In general, the ovulation calculator calculates 12 days backwards from the expected period, adds four days to it and those four days is the fertile window.

So in most cases, the patients can do it on themselves. They can access free online calculators, which are available in the Apple Store or the Android Store.

In addition, they can supplement that with more physiological charting such as charting of their basal body temperature or the charting of the change in the cervical secretions.

But again it is important to remember that all these changes are very non-specific, and also this is more in context patients with patients having regular cycles and it may not work for those patients who have irregular cycles.

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