Do abortions affect fertility?

First of all, it must be clarified that the term abortion generally connotes with a termination of pregnancy. But if you also want to include miscarriages as equating to abortions then miscarriages generally are an undesirable loss of pregnancy following  spontaneous conception.

The answer to the questions “do abortions affect fertility?” is that an uncomplicated abortion or a well-managed abortion should not affect fertility.

However if following an abortion the patients have a complication such as a post procedure infection or a post procedure injury at the time of the procedure then obviously they have implications on the fertility. And how it will affect the fertility is that it largely prevents the embryo from implanting. It leads to scarring inside the lining of the womb, which is also known as endometrium.

As a result, this leads to fewer chances of embryo implanting because the lining of the womb is no longer as supple, as healthy, that will be more conducive with implantation.

Generally, to reassure, abortions do not affect fertility but yes there is a small potential they might.

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