Ms. Shipra Krishna’s background and experience

I have been a consultant gynaecologist and a specialist in reproductive medicine or fertility specialist for over five years now. During this period, from the start of my training to my consultant period of five years, I have amassed extensive experience in the management of male and female fertility and assisted conception across the full range of complexity.

To become a consultant I went through a postgraduate training and obstetrics and gynaecology. I did further training in reproductive medicine and assisted conception and then I went on to become a consultant. I’m very passionately driven by empowering my patients, informing my patients, bringing transparency in care, and helping make their best-informed decisions when going through the treatment.

Given the fact that we are in a kind of specialism where there is rapid and significant advancement in the technology, it is very important that we translate these technological advancements to the patient’s bedside, while also giving them the perspective, context, and the relevance of these advancements. I have been very fascinated by the specialism of reproductive medicine both in view of the clinical advancement but also having an opportunity to provide a high standard of patient care.

During so many years, I have held a few thousand patients and supported them through their treatment. I have also done many hundreds of surgical procedures. I’m sensitive of the special emotional challenges that our patients face and also sensitive to how important it is to patients that the treatment should be successful.

I’ve also seen patients who want to be realistic and prepared for the journey. For a minority of patient’s, the whole journey may not be as successful. That is one of the challenges it poses in managing the patient care.

I’m very much driven in making my contribution towards the science and doing the research and more in the applied medicine that can be used in both in managing the patients and generating more evidence for the future generations to come.