Do miscarriages hurt?

Bleeding and pain in early pregnancy is a very common symptom, and it is also a very common symptom of a miscarriage. So if you’re going through a miscarriage or you are experiencing bleeding or pain than this might potentially lead to a miscarriage.

Some patients may describe the pain as being a constant dull pain while others mentioned it as being abdominal cramps. If the body is actively trying to get rid of the products of conception the intensity of the pain may be higher and some woman can describe this has as being mini labour.

So there is a varying intensity of the pain one can experience when going through a miscarriage. However, the majority of the pain that comes along with a miscarriage can be managed with a simple analgesic such as paracetamol. I would still suggest patients avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen unless the diagnosis has been confirmed.

If the diagnosis has been confirmed and it’s being managed medically then again the hospital or the early pregnancy clinic may prescribe you some painkillers to alleviate the symptoms of miscarriage.

If you’re undergoing a surgical procedure for the management of the miscarriage then again the procedure is performed under sedation. So you certainly will not feel when the procedure is being undertaken however you may experience some degree of pain for the next one or two days. Again simple analgesics should help you manage that pain.