Do I have to inject myself during IVF treatment?

Yes, this is one of the treatments where there are plenty of injections for the patients to do. Generally, before starting an IVF treatment, patients at London IVF and Genetics Centre attend a Coordination appointment, where they are taught and taken through the protocol taught how to do their injections.

As part of an IVF treatment, based on your treatment protocol you might be taking medications such as Buserelin, Menopur, Gonal-F, Merional, or Fostimon. Most of these injections are subcutaneous injections and you would be administering it into the fatty tissue underneath the skin. You will be taught very clearly how you need to do your injections. The information will also be supported by the written patient information leaflet. you will also have the telephone support during the out of hours if you are to have difficulties.

Other IVF injections

There are certain other injections that have a different technique, which are intramuscular injections. Again, we will teach you the right technique that you need to do, any precautions that you need to take, or any tricks that you need to practice to ensure that these injections are the least uncomfortable or as less painful as they can be.

A reassuring situation in my experience has been that the majority of the patients do not find these injections to be as uncomfortable as they had initially anticipated. The majority cope well with the treatment.