Why are you so confident that you can offer a money back guarantee?

The London IVF and Genetics Centre offers a guaranteed success program to selected patients or a money back refund program. This program is eligible only for certain patients.

So what would happen if you wish to participate in this program? We will go through the detailed assessment of the clinical questionnaire and we will also look into the blood test results, your scan results, and your partner’s results. Then we will form an overall opinion and then a decision would be reached whether you would be eligible to participate in this program or not.

If you participate in the program, you will pay the fees that the clinic is suggesting and what it includes would be to go through at least three fresh cycles. If you have any embryos to freeze, it includes the cost of the freezing of the embryos and the use of any number the frozen embryos.

However, you would need to use the frozen embryos before you embark on this next fresh cycle. However, if the treatment were to be successful and you have had a child following the treatment while you’re participating in this package, then, in that case, you will not be eligible for any refund.

However, if the treatment were to be unsuccessful at the end of the third fresh cycle, then, in that case, you would be eligible for the refund of seventy percent of the treatment fee that you had paid initially. The important thing you have to do is you have to use all these cycles in the 18 months period from when you first enrolled into it.

Anything beyond will be at the discretion of the clinic whether we let you continue beyond that or not. We obviously will be open to considering very exceptional circumstances to review their eligibility and the program.