International patients

At the London IVF and Genetics Centre we understand the needs of overseas patients. Whether you wish to explore international best practice and innovative treatment options, or are seeking better treatment outcomes in the speciality of Reproductive Medicine and Assisted Conception, we are here for you

We offer video and telephone consultations to help our patients consider their international treatment options. This allows you to have an independent review of your current situation and the various treatment options, before you travel anywhere. If you are considering fertility treatment with us, we will discuss the various non-medical aspects such as logistics and time commitments with you.

Since the time and cost commitment for international patients is greater, we can provide an end-to-end understanding of how the treatment process will progress at London IVF and Genetics Centre. This allows our international patients to plan their fertility treatment in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

If a patient is seeking a female gynaecologist, we assure total continuity of care with a female gynaecologist at our clinic. Every visit can be arranged with a female Consultant.

Prior to the planning of your journey with us, you should feel you have a good relationship with your Consultant. This will reduce your stress and provide for better treatment outcomes whilst minimising logistical and operational costs.

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