Alongside IVF, ICSI is one of the most common fertility treatments used by couples who are trying for a baby. ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and this treatment differs from IVF because one sperm is directly injected into the egg. Unfortunately, similar to IVF, many couples are unable to get ICSI on the NHS and this often leads to them looking into undertaking this treatment privately instead, and hence looking into ICSI costs.

It is no secret that ICSI, and IVF, treatments can be quite expensive and many looking into these costs are often confused by the figures they will find. Not many clinics will clearly lay out the costs associated with ICSI treatment and this can sometimes cause couples to have false hope when it comes to being able to afford this fertility treatment. So, to help anyone looking for clarity in this regard, our team here at London IVF and Genetics Centre have explained below everything you need to know about ICSI costs. 

Initial costs associated with fertility treatments 

When you turn to a clinic for advice regarding fertility treatments and to decide which treatment will be best for you, there is likely to be some initial costs. You can expect to pay for; 

  • Consultations
  • Ultrasound scans
  • Semen analysis

Depending on the clinic you use, the costs of these services will differ, so it is worthwhile enquiring about these expenses before deciding whether to proceed.  

How can you pay for ICSI treatments?

When looking into ICSI costs, you will probably come across a few different ways you can pay for the treatment and all additional services that you require. To help you understand these different options and their approximate costs, below is some easy to understand information. 

Paying for everything individually 

Often, couples end up paying for every single service required individually and this can cause your treatment costs to add up quite quickly. Some clinics will only offer this option and then it is so important to get a clear understanding of all ICSI costs before you start the treatment. They should gladly provide you with the estimated figures that you require. 

All-inclusive packages 

If you’d prefer to know exact costs and what you’re getting for this money from the outset, then an all-inclusive package may be a better option for you. In relation to ICSI costs, for patients less than 35 years with a good ovarian reserve, you can expect to pay around £7,000 for an all-inclusive package. It is important to always confirm what is included in the package though.

Multi-cycle packages 

Sometimes, couples won’t successfully have a baby with just one cycle of ICSI and this can lead to them requiring multiple cycles. Thankfully, often you can get packages to accommodate this. Usually, multi-cycle ICSI costs around £9,500 for patients less than 44 years of age and will include two fresh ICSI cycles, which is cheaper than paying for each cycle individually.

Guaranteed success packages 

You may also find that some clinics offer guaranteed success packages for selected patients under 35. These guarantee childbirth by the end of the eligible cycles within the package. Whilst more expensive, at around £15,000, this can be a brilliant option. If the ICSI isn’t successful you will get a refund of 70% of the package fee, which can be beneficial for additional treatments. 

Which is the best way to pay for ICSI treatments?

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer to this question or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to paying for your ICSI treatment. It is worthwhile taking some time to consider which way is going to be best for you, whether this is paying for everything individually or opting for a package. This will be a personal decision and if you need advice, a professional will be able to help you further.  

Undertaking ICSI treatments privately 

All in all, the cost of ICSI will vary depending on how you decide to pay for your treatment. It is also important to note that different clinics will charge different prices for ICSI treatments and have different additional costs associated with the treatment too. For this reason, you should always ensure that you get a clear rundown of ICSI costs before you decide to start the treatment, this will prevent any nasty surprises later down the line. 

If you’d like to speak to an experienced clinic about ICSI costs in more detail, our team here at London IVF and Genetics Centre are always more than happy to help. We pride ourselves on being transparent with the costs of our treatments and you can view these over on our website today. Hopefully, this will help you to see exactly how much you can expect to spend when undertaking ICSI treatments with us, but if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask.