How can you tell when you are most fertile?

Women can look at the different parameters such as using ovulation calculators, they can chart physiological symptoms, they can use the ovulation predictor kits, and finally they can arrange for follicle tracking through a fertility specialist to tell when they are most fertile.

Ovulation calculators

Ovulation calculators just give you an idea of the fertile window of when you are most likely to ovulate. They calculate 12 days backwards from your expected menstrual period, add another four days, and those four days are the ones when you’re most fertile.

Charting physiological symptoms

You can also chart because physiological symptoms such as rising basal body temperature, which happens following ovulation or change in cervical secretions. An increase in basal body temperature is relatively nonspecific because, by the time ovulation has already occurred, the fertile window has probably already passed.

Ovulation predictor kits

Another option is to use ovulation predictor kits. There are many ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) that are available over the counter. These OPK’s measure the rise in basal body temperature and the luteinising hormone (LH) in the urine, which happens almost 36 hours before ovulation. Measuring this gives you more objective information which is likely more sensitive compared to an ovulation calculator when you want to understand when you’re almost fertile.

Follicle tracking

If you have concerns about your ovulation pattern or luteal phase, then you can see a fertility specialist and we can go for full follicular tracking. Follicular tracking in walls, doing ultrasound scans and blood test to check the development of the follicle and the rising of the oestrogen levels as the cycle progresses.

Then it is confirmed by the rupture of the follicle and measuring the progesterone levels that gives a full information how the changes happen in your cycle and when you might be most fertile.

These are some of the ways with which you can know about when you are most fertile.