Fertility Tests in London: Have You Been Looking to Have Fertility Tests in London?

Here at the London IVF & Genetics Centre, we are a business that aims to create effective treatments and solutions for those who need reassurance in regards to their fertility. Are you currently looking for fertility tests in London? Then you have come to the right place as we have a range of reliable programmes available for both men and women which will be sure to give you the important information that you need in order to plan for your future. 

Fertility is an important part of being aware of your reproductive health and will provide you with results that can determine how you choose to conceive. Our expert consultants believe that by attending our fertility tests in London, you can make the necessary steps you need for a healthy pregnancy. When it comes to our male fertility tests, we have two different programmes for you to choose from including our basic test. This simply involves assessing your sperm count and taking a sample to test the shape, movement, etc. During the test, your consultant will need to discuss your medical history, sexual health and lifestyle including your job, exercise and more, this will ultimately help us to gain a better understanding of how this may impact your chances of conception. 

Fertility Tests in London

We also have a complete test which involves the basic MOT along with an assessment that tests any damage to the genetic material of your sperm, abnormalities as well as some screenings for any silent infections. When you choose to have fertility tests in London with us, you can have peace of mind knowing where you stand in regards to the likeness of you conceiving a child. Depending on your results and what you decide to do from here, we can provide you with continuous aftercare, further consultations, IVF treatments and more to support you throughout the process, so you can be rest assured knowing that we will always go above and beyond to keep you comfortable and cared for, no matter how big or small your needs may be.

Our consultants will work closely with you to provide a professional, yet personal service that is completely tailored to suit your requirements, so you can trust that we are the ones you need for effective and efficient fertility tests in London. Feel free to take a look at some of our testimonials, here you can see all of the impressive feedback that we have received from previous clients who have been more than happy with our work. 

If you require fertility tests in London, call us on 02075800207 and our skilled consultants will be happy to help. Please do not hesitate to email enquiry@londonivfandgenetics.co.uk if you have any questions because our customer service team will be in touch shortly to assist in any way that we can.