Fertility MOT in UK

Are you looking to undergo a fertility MOT? Do you want to come to a centre when you can be sure that you will receive a service laced with empathy and the utmost respect? Here at London IVF & Genetics Centre, we understand that this is a very delicate matter, and we want to create an environment devoid of stress. Why not give us a call on the number provided below, and see what we can do for you?

When you come to London IVF & Genetics Centre, you are coming to a clinic that wants to be transparent with you. If you are unsure what a fertility MOT is, and what it consists of, we are here to lay it out for you in clear terms. For women, it is a thorough examination which checks the health of the fallopian tubes, ovarian reserve, and uterus. For men, we assess the sperm count, as well as their general shape and movement. We do also give you the chance for both you and your partner to come in for a couples fertility MOT. If you would like to find out more as to what these assessments entail, or would like to book an initial first contact session, you can do so on our via the different methods on our website.

Fertility MOT in London

Although fertility MOT treatments are an important part of what we provide here at London IVF & Genetics Centre, it is not our only conducted treatment. Whether you are in need of basic artificial insemination, or complex genetics testing treatments, you can be sure that we have you covered – you can take a look at our full range of services on treatments page.

If you would like to undergo a fertility MOT, or any related treatments, and want to ensure that you will be taken care of by a team of professionals and specialists, then London IVF & Genetics Centre is the place for you. We would be privileged to be chosen by you to be involved in such a delicate and intimate part of your life, and want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us. If you would like to have an informal chat with our consultant, you can do so by calling us on 0207 580 027. We also understand that you may prefer to converse with us in a written capacity – you can do so by sending an email to enquiry@londonivfandgenetics.co.uk, or request more information by submitting your details to us through our convenient contact form on our website. In either instance, we will ensure that you are responded to in a prompt and timely fashion.