It is used for a variety of causes of male and female infertility such as, blockage of fallopian tube, unexplained infertility. By combining with Intracytoplasmic sperm Insemination or Injection (ICSI) it helps in male infertility. It is also used for preventing transmission of genetic or chromosomal arrangement disorders by combining with preimplantation genetic or chromosomal screening of embryos.

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Dr Krishna is Director of London IVF and Genetics Centre. She is a highly experienced Consultant Gynaecologist and specialist in Fertility and reproductive medicine. She manages couples with male or female cause of subfertility across the full range of complexity. She has special interest in managing patients with repeated treatment failures and those who respond poorly. She has published in professional journals and presented at national and international meetings. She is passionate in delivering best possible treatment outcomes and experience, as evidenced by patient feedback.

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