Consultation & diagnostic: prices and packages

London IVF and Genetics Centre provide full range of male and female fertility tests and treatments. We are committed to providing high standard of patient care and partner with many leading providers in achieving our mission. London IVF and Genetics Centre engages CARE Embryology services and the fertility surgical procedures such as insemination, egg collection and embryos transfer will be done by London IVF and Genetics Centre Consultant at CARE. This price list is for reference only and the final prices may differ depending on the tests or treatments recommended and agreed. Please contact the clinic for more information on any fertility tests or treatments including those that may not be listed here or to book appointment. You can also opt for free 15 minute appointment with our consultant to know more about any fertility tests and treatments.


Appointments between 9.00am to 5.00pm


Including before 9.00am and Sunday depending on Consultant’s availability



Two-dimensional scan to assess the womb, ovaries, and the surrounding area.


Transvaginal scan done before 12 weeks.


Special Ultrasound scan using contrast to check the patency of fallopian tubes.


Special Ultrasound scan to check inside the cavity of the womb.

Blood test to check the gene expression within to confirm the womb implantation window                                                                                                                                                              £1400


Tests for patients with previous treatment failures.


Includes reproductive immunology blood test for patients with implantation failure.


Includes range of blood tests to check hormone imbalances.


Full profile of blood tests to check for genetic and immune causes.


Sperm test to check the oxidative damage to the sperm cells.


Five chromosome test to check chromosomal abnormalities in the sperm cell.


Sperm test to check oxidative damage to sperms.


Blood test to check the number and arrangement of chromosomes.