Can you compare your success rate with the national average?

I think the success rate is one of the very important key determining points or the key point that plays on the mind of the patients. When looking at the success rates, they are expressed as two denominators and can be either as clinical pregnancy rates or as live birth rates.

My success rates for the last year, for patients less than 35, in the blastocyst stage transfer whether one or two have clinical pregnancy rates, have been around 75%.

Generally, the average clinical pregnancy rates would be around 50% or at most optimistically, would be around 60%. These are the patients who are less than 35, and they could have a range of clinical conditions. It does not restrict just to the very first treatment, but it also includes some patients who might be at the very last treatment.

At London IVF and Genetics Centre, we are very committed to delivering your very best chance of you getting pregnant. We are also realistic that we may not be able to achieve success for each and every patient that comes to us.