Do chances of pregnancy increase with each IUI?

Many patients starting this journey commonly ask this question before embarking on insemination. Interestingly there is a slight marginal increased chance of pregnancy with each subsequent attempt.

However, this likelihood reaches a plateau by the time you’re somewhere between your fourth to your sixth attempt. After that, there is no accumulated increase with each subsequent insemination procedure.

IUI success rates on average per cycle with especially with the husbands or partners sperm is approximately ten to fifteen percent. With donor sperm, it tends to be around twenty percent.

So, you might see a very non-marginal increase each time up to your fifth or sixth attempt, and that’s why generally when performing insemination your specialist may advise whether to try it for three cycles or four cycles. If it has been unsuccessful, maybe it’s time to move on to consider another treatment such as IVF.

To improve the success rates again maybe doing it along with an ovulation induction agents may be another way to increase your success rate per attempt.