Advanced Fertility Treatment London

Advanced Fertility treatment is a complex, high involvement and intense process and we believe that continuity of care will enhance the likelihood of treatment success. At London IVF and Genetics Centre, you will have your own consultant as a point of contact to see you through every stage of your journey. Our advanced fertility treatments include IVF, ICSI, IMSI IVF, natural cycle IVF/ ICSI, egg freezing, egg donation and surrogacy.

At any initial consultation we will work to identify the best type of treatment for a patient in order to give IVF treatment the best possible chance of success.

IVF London

This process involves removing eggs from your ovaries and fertilising it with sperm in the laboratory.  The fertilised egg is then returned to your womb to grow and develop into a baby.

As a leading fertility clinic in London, we thoroughly assess and investigate all patients considering IVF. Based on our detailed assessment, we prepare an individualised treatment protocol.


ICSI is different from IVF in that a single sperm is injected directly into the egg as opposed to placing an egg in a dish with many sperms which is conducted in conventional IVF.

Originally developed for the treatment of male infertility, we do ICSI to achieve egg fertilisation in a third of patients who may have male factor problems.

We’ll discuss this option with you, based on a detailed assessment of your sperm parameters such as concentration or count, motility, morphology and anti-sperm antibodies (MAR test).


IMSI IVF involves the use of a special microscope to evaluate the structures inside the sperm cell. This is called ‘Motile Sperm Organelle Morphology Examination’ (MSOME). As with IVF, we carefully assess patients and give them a personalised treatment plan.

The female partner will use fertility drugs and injections to prepare and stimulate your ovaries. She will be carefully monitored until you are ready for egg collection. The egg collection is a minor surgical procedure which is done under sedation.

Natural cycle IVF/ ICSI

This process involves regularly being monitored with ultrasound scans and blood tests without the use of drugs. When our fertility specialists consider ovulation likely, we will give you a medication to facilitate the maturity of the egg before collection. Natural cycle IVF and ICSI is ideal for patience that would like to either avoid medication or react badly to it.

We treat the collected egg with IVF or ICSI. We then replace the created embryo into the womb few days later. The advantage of this approach is that it is more natural with fewer complications and side effects.

Egg freezing London

The egg freezing fertility process is for women who are at risk of a reduction in ovarian reserves or ovarian failure. The treatment freezes unfertilised eggs which can be used later when you are ready to start a family. Egg freezing can also offer young women the reassurance of preserving their fertility, especially for those who are not yet ready to start family, and who wish to become biological parent in future.

Known egg donor

The use of donated eggs can lead to successful pregnancies for women with premature ovarian failure. This is also an option for younger women with premature menopause and women in the older reproductive age group or those with chromosomal translocations or genetic diseases, who wish to avoid passing on the diseases to their offspring.

The egg donor may be a family member or friend of the woman desiring a pregnancy. At London IVF and Genetics Centre, we only undertake known egg donation for fertility treatments (as opposed to unknown egg donation).


Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for a couple who want to have a child. A surrogacy arrangement may be indicated in couples having difficulties in conceiving. Indications that may lead us to suggest surrogacy include failures in ovulation, fertilisation, implantation, or repeated miscarriages. We may also suggest surrogacy to those who have undergone hysterectomy.