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Transparent IVF and Fertility Treatment Prices

We believe that it shouldn’t be the patient’s job to sift through fertility fees and services trying to figure out the best treatment plan for themselves

After many patients asked for an easy and transparent pricing structure, we decided to bundle our services together so you can get a good idea of what a typical treatment cycle for IVF might cost.

Below you will find both single-cycle and multiple-cycle IVF packages. We also show you what IVF fees might look like if you purchased every item individually, versus what they would cost if you purchased them as a package. For those that it applies to, we’ve also added an IVF money-back guarantee package. And finally, we have kept the more old fashioned pricing lists at the bottom of this page too, so that you can quickly identify the fee for any one individual service.


“Selecting how many treatments, which ones, and how to proceed with an IVF or ICSI fertility treatment can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be.”

Fertility Treatment Prices: Packages versus Individual Fees

IVF 1-Cycle
(If Not a Package)

  • IVF £3,350
  • Infection screen before starting treatment (both partners)
  • HFEA Fee £80
  • Blastocyst £500
  • Embryoscope £775
  • Drugs £1400
  • The initial consultation, ultrasound scan, semen analysis and preparatory tests prior to undertaking these treatments are not included.

IVF 1-Cycle

  • Single cycle (patient less than 35)
  • Drugs are included
  • The initial consultation, ultrasound scan, semen analysis and preparatory tests prior to undertaking treatment are not included. Embryo freezing is not included.

IVF Guaranteed Success

  • 3 fresh cycles and any number of frozen cycles (patient less than 35)
  • 18-month treatment term
  • 70% refund in the case of no birth
  • The initial consultation, ultrasound scan, semen analysis and preparatory tests prior to undertaking treatment are not included. Drugs are not included. Drugs are needed for each IVF cycle you undertake. The all-inclusive fee for 3 cycles with drugs is: £16,900.

IVF Prices

Our IVF packages above are designed to give you a good view of the total fees for a typical IVF one-cycle or multiple-cycle treatment. At this stage, you don’t need to worry about sifting through all the different package options – this will be much easier after you have had your initial consultation and initial tests done which will provide some data upon which to base your decision. The first step is to have your initial consultation, ultrasound scan, semen analysis and preparatory tests done (these are not included in the package costs). From there, you can choose the right fertility treatment path for you.

IVF and ICSI with a money-back guarantee: The IVF Guaranteed Success Package

While it’s not for everyone, we are so confident in our care that we offer a money-back guarantee programme for patients under 35. Please read more about The IVF Guaranteed Success Package below to find out if it is suitable for you. You can also explore this further by having a complimentary 15-minute expert consultation (by phone, Skype, or in-office).

Patients who are less than 35 years old will be able to participate in this programme. The package guarantees childbirth during or by the end of the eligible cycles within the package. Failure to achieve this by the end of all the provisioned cycles will trigger a 70% refund of the package fee.

The package includes the cost of:

  • monitoring scans
  • blood tests within the treatment cycle
  • egg collection (includes sedation for egg collection)
  • embryo transfer (without sedation)
  • CARE Maps Embryoscope
  • blastocyst transfer
  • 12 month freezing and storage of embryos
  • HFEA fees
  • frozen embryo replacement cycle, and
  • pregnancy scans (if successful).

The package includes up to three fresh IVF cycles and frozen embryo cycles. Patients will be advised to use all their frozen embryos before starting a new fresh cycle in the event the last eligible cycle has been unsuccessful.

All fees will be paid to London IVF and Genetics Centre.

What happens when there is a successful childbirth?

There will be no refund or utilisation of remaining cycles if the success has been achieved before exhausting all the eligible cycles. The use of any remaining frozen embryos, after a successful childbirth from this cycle, will incur a separate cost.

What happens if you decide to stop at any point during your three cycle IVF package?

If the patient opts not to proceed further, then each case will be assessed individually and may attract a cost incurred as an individual treatment cycle until that point. A cycle cancellation fee may apply.

What is not included in the IVF Guaranteed-Success Package?

The package does not include your drug cost, any other clinical or embryology interventions (outside of the items stated in the package details), and any other London IVF and Genetics Centre package or services.

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