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Male Fertility MOT

If you’re seeking reassurance regarding your fertility, we can help you with a male fertility MOT.

What is male fertility test (MOT)?

Male MOT test checks your sperm count, their shape, movement, and other characteristics.

Firstly, you make an appointment with a consultant. Then, during this appointment, your consultant will have a chat with you about your medical history, your sexual life and your lifestyle (where do you work, where do live, do you exercise etc).

Fertility testing for men in London

London IVF and Genetics Centre offers a comprehensive basic as well as a complete male fertility assessment for men. This fertility MOT is useful for men who have been trying for some time with little success and wish to reassure themselves.

Male MOT fertility test options

You can elect a comprehensive basic male MOT assessment or complete male fertility MOT (andrology) assessment.

The comprehensive basic MOT assessment involves testing a semen sample for a range of parameters. This includes concentration and motility, morphology and anti-sperm antibodies (MAR test).

The complete male fertility MOT (Andrology) assessment involves the basic assessment as well as the assessment of prevalence of oxidative damage, damage to the genetic material in the sperms, prevalence of genetic abnormality and screening for silent infections.

The importance of a male fertility MOT

Getting peace of mind or understanding the causes of fertility problems is hugely important for those trying to conceive. London IVF and Genetics Centre takes pride in all types of fertility testing and offer advice, further consultations and treatments where necessary. We also offer female fertility MOTs and Couples fertility testing packages.

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