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Couples MOT

Are you about to start building a family? Have you been trying for some time with little success? London IVF and Genetic Centre can provide a couples fertility MOT and additional consultation on fertility treatments should they be needed.

Couples Fertility MOTs

London IVF and Genetics Centre takes a unique approach to all fertility tests and MOTs and takes time to understand customer needs, worries and reservations when it comes to fertility testing.

Like the male and female fertility assessment, you can choose from two different assessments. The Basic Couple Fertility Assessment includes the ovarian reserve and sperm health assessment. The Complete Couple Fertility Assessment additionally includes the assessment of the Fallopian Tube.

What is included in a couples fertility MOT?

London IVF and Genetics Centre offers couples fertility assessments which include egg health (Ovarian reserve) assessment, checking patency of Fallopian tubes, and the assessment of the basic sperm health.

Fertility tests can also be carried out individually through either male or female MOTs.

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