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Fertility Tests in London

As a leading fertility clinic based in London we pride ourselves on offering fertility services that bring science and support in delivering not only best treatment success, but also a better patient experience. We offer a fertility test service which is second to none in terms of client confidentiality and professional process.


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What is a fertility MOT?

Fertility MOT is designed for those concerned about their fertility. It shows how fertile you are while highlighting problems you may face with conceiving naturally. Ultimately, fertility MOT will give you peace of mind and enables you to effectively plan conceiving in the future.

London IVF and Genetics Centre offers a comprehensive fertility MOT and testing assessment programme to assess your ovarian reserves. We are sensitive to the very common anxiety of diminishing ovarian reserves or the faster ageing of eggs.

Female fertility MOT London

Unlike men who produce new sperm daily throughout their lives, women are born with limited eggs which reduces gradually over time along with the quality of the eggs. At an age of around 35 years of age, this process gathers pace and further decreases rapidly in one’s 40’s.

The decline in both egg quality and quantity results in difficulties in conceiving either naturally or through treatment in women who are 30 years of age and older. Women with a family history of premature menopause or infertility may experience this at an even younger age.

Our private fertility clinic in London offers a comprehensive fertility MOT (assessment) programme for women who are alone or in a relationship. London IVF and Genetics Centre can cater to your requirements with either a basic or complete female MOT.

The basic fertility MOT assessment programme involves blood tests and an ultrasound scan to assess the quantity and quality of your eggs while the complete MOT includes an additional special ultrasound scan (HyCoSy) to check the fallopian tubes.

Male fertility MOT London

We also offer a comprehensive basic and complete male fertility assessment. This fertility MOT is useful for men who have been trying for some time with little success and wish to reassure themselves.

Fertility MOT test for couples

Have you been trying for some time with little success? London IVF and Genetics Centre takes a unique approach to all fertility tests and MOTs and takes time to understand customer needs, worries and reservations when it comes to fertility testing.

Like the male and female fertility assessment, you can choose from two different assessments. The Basic Couple Fertility Assessment includes the ovarian reserve and sperm health assessment. The Complete Couple Fertility Assessment additionally includes the assessment of the Fallopian Tube.

See our MOT fertility price guide. For a fertility test in London, contact us on 0203 468 3016 or fill out our contact information form.